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Chef at Ocean Thai (San Diego) 3 years experienced with Chef Thaweesak Math

Line Cook at Lemongrass (Aria Hotel) Las Vegas 3 years with Chef Krairit Krairavee

Owner of Thai St Café Las Vegas (2015, Las Vegas)

Operated Sip Saam Thai Restaurant (2017, Austin) with Chef Thaweesak Math
Owner of Secret of Siam Las Vegas (2019)

“I believe that where my passion is growing, I love cooking since my childhood. I decided to study culinary school in Thailand to prepare Thai food in a proper way and learn more meaning about Thai food”

For all those years I have to Thank You Chef Thaweesak Math, for teaching many good experienced from kitchen, and how to run & operate restaurant business. Which I have a great experienced. One of the person that I never forget that is my mother that though me how to cook and she’s one of the great teacher in my life.


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